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TOM - XLN Reut Institute Makeathon




JUNE 29-JULY 1, 2014

the new nazareth industrial park

TOM: Tikkun Olam Make-a-thon

The Tikkun Olam Make-a-thon is a 3 day meeting in Israel, of interdisciplinary teams from around the world for an intense and exciting creative experience. The teams will be comprised of engineers, occupational therapists, designers and artists.


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The Jist: For 72 hours, we will bring together exceptionally talented and interesting creators from around the world to develop open source solutions for challenges of people with special needs with an extra focus on extreme affordability.

Workshop, materials and accomodation are covered, and great awards await the winning teams. Event details are HERE.

TOM will be hosted in the recently opened Nazareth Industrial Park, founded by Israel’s leading industrial entrepreneur, Stef Wertheimer.
Flight subsidies will be available for those attending from outside of Israel.




Tikkun olam (Hebrew: תיקון עולם‎) is a Hebrew phrase that means “repairing the world.” 

The term is used in the Mishnah (2nd century CE) and it refers to the public social legislation that protected the people who were potentially at a disadvantage

In its modern context, Tikkun Olam has come to be associated with social justice work that seeks to bring together a fractured humanity.

TOM proudly accepts this challenge and calls for the collaboration of individuals in order to help make the world a better place than we found it!


  • Generate open source, working prototypes to address acute needs of people with disabilities – to help people.
  • Serve as a catalyst and engine for the growth of Israel’s maker community – to put Israel at the forefront of the 3D revolution
  • Create an event that is a replicable model that can be followed and ultimately facilitate structured, spontaneous creativity – in Israel and around the world


The TOM Team

Josh Gottesman


Josh Gottesman is an educator with a focus in the fields of communication and Jewish studies. He was co-editor on the recently released Flexigidity: The Secret of Jewish Adaptability. Josh works for the Reut Institute in Tel Aviv, managing the Flexigidity Project and co-leading TOM: Tikkun Olam Make-a-thon. Josh holds a B.S. in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and an M.A. in Jewish Philosophy from Tel Aviv University. He also was rewarded a Teacher's Certificate by the State of Texas and the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. Josh joined the ROI Community in 2013.

Josh and Arnon TOM: Tikkun Olam Make a thon 3D Printing

Arnon Zamir


Arnon is the COO of XLN, An organization established by the Reut Institute that aims to bring 3D manufacturing technology to all around Israel. He is passionate about bringing people together around Making – the craft of multidisciplinary technological creativity. Arnon is a group facilitator and educator who is influenced by the democratic education movement. He focuses on the development of the Israeli Makers community by opening makerspaces and so bridging technology, education and communities. He is examining innovative group development methods aimed at extracting the spark of exceptional ability that is embedded in most people. Arnon holds a B.A. in Psychology and Education from the Tel-Aviv University, where he works as an MBA program hackathon facilitator and mentor.


Sefi Attias


The Co-Founder and CTO of the Reut Institute’s Cross Lab Network (XLN) and CTO of TOM. Built his first robot at the age of 15, with a mission of carrying his backback for him to school. He was involved with the Reprap project and 3D printers since the very beginning of the open source 3D printing movement. Sefi is a passionate member of Israel’s Makers community.


Lionel Amit Mitelpunkt

PR Manager

Co-Founder & Connector @ HowToShift.com and mentor, makes ideas & dreams a reality. Lionel connects people, organizations, initiatives and ideas in the 'new world' by producing events, collaborations and managing campaigns. He also serves as a mentor and advisor for start ups NGO's and managers on how to approach users, grow and make a positive impact in this world.


Dana Yichye Shwachman

Industrial designer at Jonathan Bar-Or Industrial Design Ltd and a Tutor at HIT. Bachelor’s degree (B. Design), Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), 2009. Her work in the field of design for people with special needs has gained publicity in Israel and abroad.


Eyal Hershko

Mechanical Engineer and Robotics Teacher. Eyal is a main figure in the field of Robotics in education in Israel, the founder of FIRST Israel and a participant in the Garagegeeks and Geekcon teams from their inception. Eyal is an active member of the Maker community and a very proud GEEK.

Naama Baor

Naama Baor

Graphic and product designer. Naama previously taught elementary to high school aged students both in the formal and non-formal education system for 7 years. "I consider a good design when it's clear that the designer thinks of the user". Exhibited at 'Ot Haitzuv', Israeli Conference of Architecture and Design, and Milan design week.


Tamar Ish Cassit

Tamar Ish Cassit, industrial designer and the owner of Studio Cassit, specialized in design for people with special needs and sustainable design. A former medic, and has a long interest in developing accessories for rehabilitation, that will enable returning to an independent and joyful life.


Stel Pinhasov

Previously served as the Deputy Economic Minister of Israel in Washington DC and as the Commercial Attache of Israel in Germany. Upon finishing her post in Berlin, Stel was appointed to be the advisor to the DG of the ministry of economy. On 24/12/2009 Stel was involved in a car accident which left her disabled. Stel is currently the retired mother of two.


Guy Sheffer

Maker, Open source developer with a rich software repertoire. Guy likes to build anything out of anything else. Guy is also a member of the open data community and in tune with the international area of Internet politics. and likes to play with bitcoins.
Guy received his BA in physics and is now the co-founder of ShapeDo Ltd, a 3D design collaboration platform that uses the power of distributed version control to let designers work as a community.


Yael Doron Drori

A Pedagogical Director at Education-Cities, an organization which seeks to develop and implement innovative ideas based on the art of collaboration: in the classroom, school, city, country and worldwide. Yael is interested in innovation and disruptive technology and finds Making a fascinating area that holds potential value for new ways of teaching, learning and community development.


Naama Klar

Analyst in the Israel 15 Project at the Reut Institute. Naama recieved her BA in international relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem where she wrote her thesis on investigating the relationship between international economic interest groups and social networks. She is currently working on her MA in international political economy at Hebrew University.

Ohad Saar

Ohad Sa'ar

Project Manager

Ohad is an Industrial and Management Engineer with a certification and experience in project management. Living with his wife Maya in Ramat-Gan – and expecting their first born son. Ohad spent the last 3 years as a PMO at Siemens CSP, mainly dedicating his time to design and implement the establishment of green, solar powered power plants. He has also volunteered as a tutor for underprivileged children, helping them close the gap and improve their chances for higher education. Ohad is currently looking for his next big challenge. After TOM, that is!


Ma'ayan kahana

Industrial designer and the co-founder of Using3D, a company that provides Training and assimilation of 3D Printing systems. Ma’ayan also works at Milbat NPO and teaches in various schools. Ma’ayan holds a Master's degree in Medical Design from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion).


Zohar Mandel

Reut Institute, External Relations and PR

Zohar Mandel is External Relations Coordinator at the Reut Institute. She manages media operations and monitors Reut's image in the Israeli and foreign media. Zohar also coordinates and executes events and conferences for the Reut Institute. Zohar holds a BA in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, specializing in Counter-terrorism and Middle-Eastern studies, and a MA in Political Marketing, both from the IDC in Herzliya.

Itai Kornberg

Itai Kornberg

Software engineer at Netapp and the founder of Hello World - A venture collaborating engineers with students and corporations for social-technological contribution.


Michal Kabatznik

Reut Institute, Resource Development

Michal Kabatznik coordinates Resource Development for the Reut Institute, XLN and TOM. She is responsible for donor outreach and maintenance as well as VIP outreach and coordination for TOM. Michal holds an MA in Diplomacy Studies from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Maryland.

inbal halperin

Inbal Halperin

Routes Travel, Producer

Inbal works at Routes Travel as the project Manager of the Schusterman Connection Points. She holds a BA from Tel Aviv University in psychology and social justice, as well as a MA in organizational consulting and life coaching from the College for Management in Rishon Letzion. After completing her army service as a first lieutenant in the Education Corps, Inbal lived in a Dror Israel ‘Educators City Kibbutz’ in Ashdod, where she engaged in educational work with at-risk youth. She is also an alumna of the Nahum Goldmann Fellowship. Inbal was one of the leaders of the social justice protest in 2011, operating as the coordinator of the Jerusalem headquarters. She still believes that one day we will find the way to create a better and more just society together.


Do I need to be an engineer / 3D designer / expert to take part in TOM? 

No. TOM is open for all Makers, including self educated makers, certified professionals and students. If you feel that your abilities can contribute to TOM, we encourage you to apply.

Do I need to have a great idea to take part in TOM? 

No. TOM will welcome you with or without a winning idea. If you have an idea for a solution or need you want to implement at TOM, there is a place for it in the application form. However if you don’t – just apply and you will take part in a team. Note that TOM is all about TEAMS! No one works alone at TOM

I completed the application form, What happens now?

TOM Applications are open until the end of April, 2014. We will let everyone know of their acceptance during the first week of June and will then contact each one of the participants to complete the accommodation, travel and logistical issues regarding their stay at TOM. If you haven’t heard from us and it’s already after June 7th, please contact us.

What is the language spoken at TOM?

The official language of TOM is English. However, efforts are being made to accommodate speakers of Hebrew and Arabic as well. Printed material, signs and official publications are in English.

How much does TOM cost?

Participation in TOM is very heavily subsidized, but not entirely free. Participants coming from Israel will be asked to pay 300 NIS while participants from abroad will be asked to pay $150. HOWEVER flight subsidies are also available for those coming from abroad.
Included in this relatively modest price are two nights in a first class hotel, quality food, and access to the makerspace of your dreams, equipped and manned to let you can create whatever your mind can imagine!!

Are there flight subsidies available?

Why yes, there are! For those coming to TOM who are not members of the ROI community, substantial travel subsidies will be available, covering up to $500 for flights from Europe and up to $1,000 for flights from the US.
Members of the ROI community are eligible to use their Microgrants to fund their travel to Israel.

When will I be informed if I was accepted?

You will be informed, at the latest, by the first week of June.


A number of prizes will be awarded to the most successful and applicable projects, the exact criteria of which are currently being finalized

A particular prize will be available to projects in the field of extreme affordability – intended to help the world’s most impoverished who typically make less than $3 a day.


Customizable Keyboard – A keyboard that can be adjusted to different needs of the common user, designer, or computer programmer. This involves aiding the ability to press a single key or the ability to combine a number of keys into one key (ex: Ctrl+v or ctrl+alt+s)


Walking the dog – A solution for people in wheelchairs that want to go out with their dogs, especially for Liron that has 3 dogs.


Prosthetic Arm – Using 3D printing to make a prosthetic arm that will allow a child that was born without a hand to hold a ball.



TOM - XLN Reut Institute Makeathon

Eye Control – Controlling a robotic arm with the use of “eye writer” glasses. This involves further developing a product designed in a previous hackathon, expanding its capabilities and improving its interface and user experience (UX).


Crutches – A request to redesign crutches that can also be used to carry a bag/personal items, and be more desirable and user friendly.


Rhythm – A tool that teaches rhythm,coordination and gives confidence before studying an actual instrument, for people with mental or cognitive disabilities. Can also be used as a rehabilitation tool.




Pressure relief while sitting – A method for relieving pressure caused by prolonged sitting in a wheelchair, that can be used both by paraplegics as well as those with limited strength to lift themselves up. This team will be assisted by engineers from Rafael Industries.


Clean Wheelchair Wheels – A device that helps a person to clean his wheelchair wheels while entering the house.


TOM - XLN Reut Institute Makeathon

Brain Control – Controlling a robotic hand using brain signals.



TOM - XLN Reut Institute Makeathon

Potty Pod – Developing an instrument to allow paralyzed children to comfortably rest while relieving themselves. This product should specifically be considered with application in the developing world.


TOM - XLN Reut Institute Makeathon

Alyn Ride to School – A way of enabling children in wheelchairs to give a ride to school for an able bodied sibling or friend. This product should also be considered with application in the developing world.



Our Supporters:


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The Schusterman Philanthropic Network is a global enterprise that supports and creates innovative initiatives for the purpose of igniting the passion and unleashing the power in young people to create positive change for themselves, the Jewish community and the broader world.

Schusterman pursues its mission through global grantmaking, program development and networking alliances that empower young Jews to take a lead role in shaping and perpetuating vibrant Jewish life.

Schusterman launched its global Schusterman Connection Points program as part of its broader efforts to invest in young leaders and enable them to craft and run their own diverse gatherings.Schusterman Connection Points is a series of local and thematic peer-led gatherings that brings together hundreds of passionate, talented young Jews.

These gatherings are designed to channel participants’ ideas, creativity and enthusiasm into partnerships that can create new, and strengthen existing, avenues of Jewish experiences for themselves and their peers. In 2014, ten Connection Point gatherings will take place on four continents with themes ranging from technology to the arts, community building to international development, inclusivity, social justice and more.

For more info: www.schusterman.org



Reut is an innovative policy group designed to provide real-time, long-term strategic decision-support to Israeli leaders and decision-makers. Reut, established in January 2004, is a non-partisan non-profit policy team based in Tel Aviv. Reut supplies its services pro-bono to people in positions of leadership, authority, and influence in Israel’s public sphere. Reut’s current focus areas are National Security and ISRAEL 15: Socio-Economics. In the future we plan to expand into content areas concerning the Jewish world and decision-making processes.



XLN is a project by the Reut Institute aimed at placing Israel in a leading position in the field of 3D printing, rapid prototyping and the maker movement, emphasizing educational and societal values. XLN operates a national network of communal technological spaces that will support the teams professionally and technically during and after the gathering. The XLN spaces will ensure that the projects which emerge from the 72 hours of TOM will continue to grow and reach their full potential as part of an ongoing process.


TOM is actively looking for co-sponsors to join us and become a part of this innovative venture. If you or your company are interested in this opportunity please contact us here

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It will be hosted in the recently opened Nazareth Industrial
Park, founded by Israel’s leading industrial entrepreneur, Stef Wertheimer.



Just before Thanksgiving 2013, Not Impossible’s Mick Ebeling returned home from Sudan’s Nuba Mountains where he set up what is probably the world’s first 3D-printing prosthetic lab and training facility. More to the point of the journey is that Mick managed to give hope and independence back to a kid who, at age 14, had both his arms blown off and considered his life not worth living.

Read the press release


Imagine wearing an Iron Man suit you could control with your mind—gears and electronics responding to your every thought. This is the essence of the real technology that will allow a paralyzed teenager to stand up and kick the first ball at the 2014 World Cup.


FIXPERTS – Helping Hand

Mario Vurdelja: “We were asked to follow the FIXPERTS design process to produce a solution for a person struggling with some usual daily routines. Since my sister Mia is born with a handicap of her left hand, she is unable to cut food by herself. So we decided to FIX that. After an intense and exciting 4 weeks work period, we came to this result.”
Universität der Künste Berlin 2014
More about FIXPERTS:
FIXPERTS was launched in September 2012 by James Carrigan and Daniel Charny
as an open knowledge sharing platform to promote fixing is a valuable creative
and social resource. (fixperts.org)